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Term & Conditions

by Fontspace

1. Policy to support readers

This website is completely free and forever free, if you have questions, troublesome with any issue that you mentioned, you can use the comment section below to discuss and build with them. me or you can send an email question above for assistance. For customers, partners who need help or have other issues that are not public please use the contact page.

https://fontspace.io is a font sharing website for design solutions. You are free to download fonts for your personal and commercial use (except products are recommended for personal use only, i.e. some products are subject to a fee to use. for commercial purposes).

2. When you comment on the article’s content

You have the right to leave comments on this website, leave information such as Email, full name …
Absolutely not use words that are reactionary, political, agitated, religious. Do not use vulgar words, inappropriate and do not spam advertisements

3. Purpose of using the website

Do not use the website for any purpose/form that violates the laws of the host countries.
Comply with the provisions of US digital millennium copyright laws.

4. Some regulations for sharing articles

You are not allowed to use the content on Fontspace.io for commercial purposes such as printing or circulation for employees/customers/students.

You can still use the information on our Website, but do not arbitrarily edit the content, sentences to avoid misleading readers.
In particular, any reuse should be clearly stated: Source of the article from Fontspace.io
Compliance with the above rules is based on the goodwill of both parties, without the protection of any agency/organization, so compliance with the above provisions is a way of respecting copyright on the internet in general. and the Fontspace.io website

Thanks and Best Regards!