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Twitter font

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Twitter is a famous social networking from America. It increasingly becomes more popular with the confession as well as ideas that users share by their accounts. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone in 2006.

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Twitter is used by many politicians not only in the US but all over the world. They use Twitter to convey personal messages about their domestic and foreign policies. Currently, Twitter is being used by over 400 million regular users around the world. And here we share the fonts used on this social network’s logo.

The Twitter font was designed by Maniackers Design with soft lines. This Logo font is designed in a gorgeous round typeface with great readability features. The font used in the logo of Twitter is very similar to the Pico font family.

Twitter Logo font

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This Pico Font Family comes in 2 different unique styles those are italic & regular. Along with its 105 glyphs and more than 1000 units per em and over 275 unique characters. Furthermore, this Twitter font has everything that a professional designer wanna possess in his design campaign.

Twitter font download

Twitter font is a classy and delicate handwritten typeface. Its distinct and well-rounded letters make this logo font is suitable for any design needs such as poster advertising, social media posts, wedding cards, official card designs, printing on fabrics, banner ads, book cover, product designs, product designs, website/blog, t-shirts, and much more.

Twitter font free

Twitter font
The full version of this font for commercial use, buy it from Maniackers Design. This font is FREE for personal use.

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The Twitter fonts similar to

1. Arista Font

Arista Font is one of the popular Twitter fonts. This font is inspired by the cute curves of the world and it features over 500 varieties of the glyph. This makes Arista very similar to the design of a modern Twitter interface.

Add a touch of style to your projects with the Twitter fonts, and Arista font is one of these. This font is well suited for signature logos, cards, wedding invitations, websites, logos, etc.

Arista Font free Arista FontDownload Arista font

2. Tondo Font

Tondo Font is also a great typeface that is very similar to Twitter font. This Tondo font has been attentively written, with a gorgeous curve to produce a font that is similar to Twitter font. Perfect for adding a unique and vintage touch to your text body projects as well as branding.

Tondo font

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3. The Pico Super Ultra Bold Font

The Pico Super Ultra Bold font belongs to the Pico font family, with close features and a casual look. The Pico Super Ultra Bold font is considered to be very similar to the font used for Twitter. Twitter fonts are quite simple, but have great features.

The Pico Super Ultra Bold Font

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