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Benton Sans Font Free download

by Fontspace

Benton Sans font was started by Tobias Frere-Jones in 1995 and enlarged by Cyrus Highsmith of Font Bureau. Benton Sans Font was used in Martha Stewart Dwelling journal. And with the first name is MSL Gothic, it’s two widths and 7 weights from Skinny to Black.

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Perhaps the League Gothic font will be the inspiration for the luxurious designs. This typeface exudes a confident and powerful demeanor with bold features. On the outside, it shows a confident appearance along with a dynamic emotion that is cultivated in every line and breath. This brings a nostalgic yet surprising look to the sharp corners. From there, your design project will become more professional and friendly. A goal that everyone might want to achieve.

Benton Sans Font

It’s a modern geometric sans typeface. Extended lines to bring letters together to create neater characters. The dynamic and bold characters and expressions of the letters have served as the basis for a new creative force. This may be a new phenomenon for designers. And of course, it will become a very versatile and suitable design tool for branding.

Back in 2002-2003, Cyrus Highsmith further widths, weights, and italics involving the relatives, and plus the experience was generated for group use over the name Benton Sans. Widths and the bodyweight additionally served for Franklin Gothic, Choice Gothic, Lightline Gothic as replacements that were optically-corrected.

Download Benton Sans Font Free below:

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Benton Sans Font

If it’s because of what Lol Surprise Font has done for your favorite projects. Then perhaps you will also achieve the same desired results as with Bento Font. The author of this typeface tries to create a harmonious combination of classic lines with modern to promote the aesthetic to the climax. Therefore, this font can be used flexibly in many different designs. Besides, it is inspired by the legacy of medieval Latin typography. Every character we use is designed with great care and passion.

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