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Butler Font

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Introducing Butler Font. It’s a cool and elegant serif typeface that was designed and published by Fabian De Smel in 2015. The Author worked for more than 3 months on it and this product was inspired by a combination of 2 different fonts: are Bodoni and Dala Floda. The main objective that the author sought with the creation of Bulter was to give a bit of modernism to the serif fonts by working on the curves of the classic serif fonts and adding an extra butler stencil font family.

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Butler Font received the award for the font of the month by Computer Arts magazine. In addition, it should be noted that De Smet decided to make it free for both personal and commercial use because he considers that by doing it alone as a freelancer, it does not reach the level of a font made by a professional.

Through this project, we were able to put into practice many of the class topics such as glyph morphology, serif characteristics, and serial font ranges. In addition, while we were doing it, we understood the concepts better because one thing is to listen to it and write it down in class, and quite another is to delve into a source to know everything about it.

Regarding the selection of the source, we base ourselves in the first instance on the conditions given by the teacher and on our personal taste after having a more reduced list. In this way, we come to Butler, a very new font that attracted us because it takes up old fonts in order to modernize them and is very readable for a text run by being serif.

In addition, its author is a young graphic designer who made it so that all people could access it, which allowed us to have the complete source to be able to work on it thoroughly. We realized that Butler is a flat font for paragraphs and announcements, his shapes convey seriousness and elegance. However, it has high contrast in its glyphs and therefore becomes a bit unreadable in certain cases.

Also analyzing the anatomy of the Butler Font we note that it presents certain collisions when the serifs of some letters are found with those of others, therefore, the author did not think about the ligatures of the font, an aspect of great relevance for reading.

On the other hand, the author made seven Butler font variants: Ultra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, and Black. However, we realized while working with the serial ranges that the Black range is less thick than the Extra Bold, it should not be this way because the latter must always be greater.

Using this Butler Font

Butler Font is very perfect for a vast of modern designs such as books, very large titles, posters, and elegant projects because of its morphology. However, as it is such a recent source, no famous use of it is yet known.

Serif fonts like Butler Font are, among other things, elegant and sober in addition to being in many cases possessing enormous attributes in terms of legibility, an unfortunate detail of them and to which we must pay attention is the so-called Bodoni effect. The Bodoni effect is an effect caused by fonts that are extremely contrasting. They are elegant yes, but also problematic. With these fonts, areas of fragility are generated in the letters and this is accentuated especially when using them in negative.

Butler Serif Font

Butler Font free download

Butler Font download

Butler Font free

Butler Font

Designed and Published by: Fabian De Smel

Languages Supported: Multi-languages support

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