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Chrome Hearts Font

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About Chrome Hearts Font. However, many people may not know well about the Chrome Hearts brand. Chrome Hearts as many people know, is a very famous brand in the US in the field of jewelry. Chrome Hearts moves to produce diamond, gold, and silver jewelry. In addition, they also produce other jewelry products such as leather goods, clothing, fashion glasses, and even home decorations. Chrome Hearts was founded by three members John Bowman, Leonard Kamhout, and Richard Stark in 1988 in the city of Los Angeles.

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It was created with special inspirations in mind. Specifically, this typeface has been inspired by Victorian Font with classic blackletter style lines. It must be affirmed that one thing is the combination of unclear ideas with personal experience to create elegant and polite designs but with a hidden appearance.

The basic Gothic font looks very classic with bold medieval lines. Just like the typeface designed on the Chrome Hearts logo, we can see the style of the Chrome Hearts font appearing on a variety of document sources. Even in advertising or marketing products, people also love this Gothic font. However, one thing to keep in mind for all of us is for Chrome Hearts font, there is no official typeface announced to use to design the Chrome Hearts logo. And a Gothic font is said to be very similar to the font used to design the Chrome Hearts logo. You can take a closer look at the Chrome Hearts font as well as the font supposedly used to design the Chrome Hearts logo, which is Cloister Black Font.

Chrome Hearts Logo Font

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Chrome Hearts Font

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