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Curious George Font FREE download

by Fontspace

Hi Friends! Today Fontspace.io is introducing a unique font known as Curious George font. The Curious George is an American animated comedy movie. This font is designed totally based on inspiration from this comedy short movie.

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This animated comedy movie was produced in 2006 by Matthew O’Callaghan and is based on a book written by Margret Rey and H.A. Rey. Many types of professional designers look forward to this gorgeous logo font. Curious George Font is characterized by a rounded, bold, and slightly curved design with an emphasis on uppercase letters, it’s different from brushed looks like Brody Font. It has a friendly and approachable feel, with a simple and clean design that makes it easy to read. The font is often used in designs and materials related to children’s literature, education, and entertainment, as well as in various products and merchandise featuring the Curious George character.

Curious George Sans serif movie Font

Curious George Font

There are two fonts used in this movie title. Script MT font is a special typeface that was designed by Fritz Stelzer from Monotype Typography and released by Adobe in 1931. ONE STROKE SCRIPT font was carefully designed by Paul Clarke. These two great fonts consist of amazing swashes and highly legible characters displaying keen features.

Curious George Font free

We wish this Sans Serif font will be a great experiment for you to design along with these awesome fonts. You can share this Curious George font with your design colleagues on social networks. With friendly brushstrokes like Ninja Naruto Font, you bring coolness to each of your new designs.

Curious George Font download

Download Curious George Font FREE

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Both of these fonts consist of 2 different styles “script and display”. These lovely fonts would be very perfect to combine in your design with modern and vintage styles. Curious George font is great for web development, movie posters, special events, labels, Illustrator, Photoshop, printing on certificates, business cards, wedding cards, title designing, logo making, and more.

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