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Disney font

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About Disney font

The Walt Disney Company is a name associated with the cartoon entertainment industry. And now, Walt Disney also produces other entertainment products, in which they are also very famous for the real-life movie genre.

Walt Disney is often referred to as Disney, was founded at end of 1923 by two brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney with the original name of Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

Walt Disney is headquartered in Burbank, California, USA. In 1986, they have changed their name to The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney’s studio division is very famous for its theatrical productions attracting customers from all over the world. Walt Disney’s epic studios include Blue Sky Studios, Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Studios, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Pictures.

Today, there are many fonts that have designs that are very similar to those used on Walt Disney’s logo and slogans. It is also because of the population of this studio so fonts similar to Disney font are attractive to many designers all over the world. There are many fonts out there that are similar in design to a Disney font, and it’s completely free. This is a great thing that may only come once for designers.

Download many fonts similar to Disney font

1. Waltograph font

Waltograph font is a unique rough decorative display typeface. This display font has a great characters set and is perfectly managed with well-spaced and good kerning.

Waltograph fancy Display font is a modern decorative geometric typeface. neat and Cleanliness. This font is specifically designed for short texts, monograms, logotypes, great for titles, display use, and more.

Waltograph font

Download Waltograph font FREE

2. Walter font

Today in this article, Fontsio wanna bestowing you with the other font which is very similar to the Disney logo. And most properly this professional designer team uses Walter font for the title of Walt Disney. It is Walter, a gorgeous decorative font that was created for the creative design ideas.

Walter font

Download Walter font FREE

3. New Walt Disney font

Introducing New Walt Disney font – fresh Decorative Script font, New Walt Disney font is a beautiful and modern display script typeface. It features gorgeous ligatures along with swashes that make this font more incredibly versatile. So, this Disney font will turn your creative idea into a true design.

New Walt Disney font

Download New Walt Disney

4. Dan’s Disney font

Dan’s Disney Decorative font is a daring blackletter and incredibly authentic typeface. This font is perfectly created to be applied especially in slogans and titles which are need a standout typeface.

Dan’s Disney font

Download Dan’s Disney font FREE

5. Disney Tangled font

The Disney Tangled font is a display script typeface that comes with a very cool change of character, a type of classic decorative display with a modern touch, created with high detail to bring stylish classy. I also provide a simple alternative value for many characters.

Disney Tangled font

Download Disney Tangled font

6. Frozen Neutra font

Introducing Frozen Neutra font. This is a refined Disney typeface which was designed by KELGE. Frozen Neutra font is a neat and minimal typeface. Add this Frozen font to your design ideas and notice how it works them outstanding.

This font is lots of suitable for all your design project needs such as greeting cards, branding, magazines, logo design, wedding invitations, posters, covers, etc.

Frozen Neutra font

Download Frozen Neutra font FREE

7. Frozito font

Frozito Display font is a modern decorative display typeface. This font is similar to Disney font and it’s developed with a visual presentation that complements the personality and the style of the new typeface.

Frozito font

Download Frozito font FREE

8. Moanas font

With Moanas font, comparing the all-uppercase decorative font this display typeface firstly publishes by IDG. Moanas has 2 exclusive unique styles and open type features. This decorative display font is have got secrecy and mysterious letterforms.

Moanas font

Download Moanas font FREE

9. Wicked Mouse font

Wicked Mouse font is a classy and romantic display typeface with decorative letters and dancing shapes. Wicked Mouse is particularly well-suited to create social-media templates, mood boards, invitations, the most lovely wedding designs, and more.

Wicked Mouse font

Download Wicked Mouse font

10. Black Pearl font

Introducing Black Pearl font – This is an elegant font that is combined from the decorative script and the light modern display. It will make your every design more beautiful a lot.

Black Pearl font

Download Black Pearl font FREE

11. Alice In Wonderland font

Alice In Wonderland font is a unique decorative typeface that features elements of anyone’s favorite nature. Use this decorative to add a dynamic and useful feel to every design project.

Alice In Wonderland font

Download Alice In Wonderland font FREE

12. Zootopia font

As a brother to Disney font, Zootopia is a condensed display typeface. This font is inspired by the likes of the fun animal film along with classic style. Zootopia works perfectly in medium and larger sizes.

Zootopia font

Download Zootopia font FREE

13. Zombies font

Zombies Display font is inspired by space-like design concepts. This font is good for film and movie, sports, space, modern, future, and so on.

Zombies font

Download Zombies font

14. Slugterra font

Slugterra font is a unique exclusive display typeface inspired by Disney-like design concepts. It is masterfully created to become a true favorite, this Slugterra Disney font has the potential to bring your creative ideas to true.

Slugterra font

Download Slugterra font

15. Upon A Dream font

Upon A Dream Display font feels unique and modern. This unique display font is best suited for blocks of text and for headlines of all sizes.

Upon A Dream font

Download Upon A Dream font

16. Tron font

Tron font is a mystical display typeface. This decorative font was carefully designed and is inspired by the world’s top film brand. In general, it makes a classy and vintage look in design.

Tron font

Download Tron font


This is a great collection of cute fonts. These fonts are similar to Disney font for every designer. I hope with this passionate fonts collection, you can choose for yourself a unique design tool. Arguably these are the most similar fonts to Disney font. And the other great thing about them is that they are completely free for personal use. You can download and experience it by clicking the Download button below.

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