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Eleyna Rough Font

by Craft Supply Co.

Eleyna Rough is a contemporary, casual, dept serif font that exudes strength and friendly.

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Smooth Lines with Textured Finish

Eleyna Rough is a modern serif font that seamlessly blends smooth lines with a textured finish, creating an elegant and beautiful aesthetic. This design combines sophistication with an intriguing roughness, offering a unique typographic solution for projects that seek a distinctive rugged touch.

Distinctive Classy Appearance

Perfect for projects aiming for a unique and classy appearance, Eleyna Rough adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining its rugged charm. Whether used in editorial layouts, branding materials, or elegant invitations, this font exudes versatility and character.

Versatile Application

Eleyna Rough is versatile, suitable for a wide range of design applications where elegance and ruggedness need to coexist seamlessly. Its balanced combination of smoothness and texture makes it ideal for creating impactful headlines, stylish logos, and memorable branding materials.

The demo of this typeface provides you with basic useful features completely for free. This font is free for personal use only. Link to purchase and use it for commercial purposes: https://www.creativefabrica.com/designer/craftsupplyco/ref/5060701/.

Eleyna Rough Serif Font

Eleyna Rough Font

Eleyna Rough Font free

free Eleyna Rough Font

Name: Eleyna Rough
Font Categories: Serif, Basic
Languages Supported: Multi-language support
License: FREE for Personal Use Only
Format: OTF (TTF)

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