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Frutiger Font FREE Download

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Frutiger font debuted with many interesting things that not all graphic designers can know. This is a special Sans Serif font and in 1968, at that time, the system of airport signs was being prioritized to develop along with the transportation system all over France, but the strongest development was in Paris. One thing that you can totally get from 4chan Font is striking and dynamic of modern designs.

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Before that, Frutiger was very successful and was known as the designer of the Crewniverse font that was used very popularly in the design world. And now Frutiger has continued to design and develop a system of pedestrian, observable ride signs with an airport ahead. And this new Sans Serif font is called by the name of the author who designed it.

Frutiger font is really a variety of typefaces named shortly after its own Korean programmer, Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger is also usually a humanist sans-serif typeface, likely to turn clear and legible at a distance or at small textual material sizes.

An amazingly frequent style and style all on the Earth, style designer Steve Matteson explained its framework as”that the greatest taste for legibility in really considerably any situation” at smaller text measurements, despite the fact that Erik Spiekermann named it as”the finest basic typeface actually”.

Frutiger Sans Serif Font

Frutiger Font Free Download

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Honestly, at first, the Frutiger font wasn’t as complete and modern as it is today. However, the airport signs designed with the new Frutiger font are quite suitable and beautiful compared to the airport infrastructure.

And it wasn’t until 1976 that the author of this font perfected it with the combination of Linotype and the name Frutiger was officially born.

Although the characters in the Frutiger font are very monotonous, arguably dry. However, if you design products delicately with harmonious logos and images, those designs will be easy to read. Here are some free fonts that are similar to Frutiger font that you can use for your favorite designs.

1. Segoe UI font

Microsoft is a corporation that uses Segoe Font for a variety of design purposes. Segoe font can be seen appearing in online products as well as on applications and software that they directly produce and develop such as Windows Live Messenger, or Microsoft Office 2007.

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2. Humanist 777 font

Humanist 777 font was designed with special inspiration from the way of Adrian Frutiger. Then, it becomes first time debuted by Bitstream in 1968-76. This font has more than 50 popular languages and OpenType support along with 14 unique styles for many various design purposes.

Humanist 777 font

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3. Tahoma font

Tahoma font is a great Sans Serif typeface that is similar to University Font designed for Microsoft Corporation. It was created by Matthew Carter. And if you are using a Frutiger font then incorporating Tahoma font would be an interesting idea as well. This font is similar to a standard clone with many comparisons of similar and different elements compared to a Frutiger font. Both are generally sharp, condensed, and quite eye-catching fonts when incorporated into outdoor designs.

Tahoma font

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