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Gotham Rounded font

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About Gotham Rounded Font

Gotham Rounded is a great Sans Serif font, the demand for Gotham Rounded font is increasing. And Gotham Rounded font is the coolest typeface we can see on the magazine title, in the street poster.

Gotham Rounded Font is a gorgeous sans serif typeface family. It comes in an eye-catchy and incredible unique texture and becomes a popular and famous sans serif font family in the modern age. The Gotham Rounded font comes in 4 unique weights. With these four weights, you have some styles from Light to Bold along with multilanguage support and matching italics.

Gotham Rounded Font

This perfect sans font has more than 1000 glyphs counts in numbers and has more than 2000 units per em. It has soft-edged along with generous fit and gestures. This stylish font has a soft-edged and slim look same as Arial font or times new roman font. This is displaying the sans serif and in this manner, every design product will presenting a usual classical appearance.

This font will give you more opportunities for design projects. Balanced forms, as well as contrasting lines of these fonts, will be easy to read.

Gotham Rounded Font possesses the Truetype file format. This font will definitely suitable for display as well as headline purposes, for it has unique sans serif corners. It’s an expressive and friendly sans serif typeface with contemporary and modern style.

This font is a versatile and traditional choice for motion graphics, magazines, books, branding, logotypes, headlines, use on the web and TV, and much more.

And maybe many people already know, Gotham Rounded Font is a premium typeface. It means if we want to use this font for commercial uses, we must purchase it.
So, here Another good news about this coolest font is we will share some free sans serif fonts. And these are similar fonts to the Gotham Rounded typeface above.

1. Zing Sans Rust Light (Gotham Rounded Light)

Zing Sans Rust Light font

2. Hero font (Gotham Rounded Book)

Hero font

3. Flamante Round Book font (Gotham Rounded Medium)

Flamante Round Book font

4. Flamante Roma Medium font (Gotham Rounded Bold)

Flamante Roma Medium font

Here are a few of the typefaces we have gathered that look quite similar to the Gotham Rounded font. And the important thing here is that these fonts will be completely free for professional designers as well as amateurs alike. There will actually be many other typefaces on the internet that resemble Gotham Rounded, you can learn more.

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