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Introducing the John Deere font. This is a Brand font that is used on John Deere’s logo. And now we will learn more about this John Deere font. John Deere is known as a company specializing in manufacturing machinery for agriculture, forestry, manufacturing auto parts, manufacturing machinery for the construction industry. Because John Deere manufactures machines for many fields, this is a big American brand. According to the ranking of Forbes magazine, John Deere is a big brand in the top 400 of the world.

According to the evaluation of many famous designers in the world. This Gothic font has many features of the Sans Serif typeface that is used on the John Deer logo which has many typeface characteristics that are very similar to the Engravers Gothic font, rather than the Engravers Gothic Regular font. The Engravers font was designed with great care by Bitstream and was first introduced to users in 1990. This is a font that is already quite familiar to many designers who follow the classic trend combined with the modern. This logo font consists of over 200 unique Glyphs along with about 1000 units per em. Moreover, the width and height of this Gothic font according to 1064 x 1206.

John Deere Gothic Display font

John Deere font download

John Deere font has come only in a unique single regular style along with an Opentype file format. Besides, this single style includes many gorgeous and fancy letters. Including punctuation marks, numbers, and default characters alternates. Especially, this font supports a majority of international languages

John Deere font free

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With many unique features, you can utilize this classic Gothic font for various design purposes such as photography, business cards layout, wedding, movie title designs, special events, compose books, product designs, watermarks, product covers, logo designs, book covers, brochure designs, labels, banners, and more.

John Deere font

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