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Kaius Pro font is a fairly fresh Serif typeface with a variety of uses that can make your design simpler in any given difficulty or complexity. It was originally designed with passion and personality by a famous typeface designer named TypeMates Studio. And their Kaius Pro font was then made primarily for small designs and medium text as well as text with really complex display styles.

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Kaius Pro promises to bring high expectations not only to amateur designers but also has the potential to become an indispensable part of the design treasure of professional designers. You can see our expectations by taking a closer look at the structure of this font. It can be comfortably combined with modern design styles. Kaius Pro font family exudes distinctive character in its contours, with its wide apertures and rounded and wide characters making your designs much easier to read.

Kaius Pro Font presents many interesting functions and with a powerful look of making textual content more luxurious and serious. You can use many other fonts similar to Kaius Pro Font. However, each font has a certain role and mission in creating harmony in the distinctive textures of professional designs. In addition to the familiar functions similar to other fonts, Kaius Pro Font is created with small caps with smooth lines and corresponds to the slant and 16 different weights of this font. And so designers can freely create their own projects suitable for each typeface.

Kaius Pro Serif Font

Kaius Pro Font free download

Kaius Pro Font download

Kaius Pro Font free

Kaius Pro Font

Designed and Published by: TypeMates

Languages Supported: Multi-languages support

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This demo version of this font is free for personal uses. The full version of this font is for commercial use, buy it HERE.

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