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Led Zeppelin font

by Fontspace

Hello professional designers around the world. And continuing here we are very happy to present to designers an interesting Logo font with a name that is familiar to many, Led Zeppelin font that was first designed in 1966.

Led Zeppelin is the name of a very famous rock band from London, UK. This famous band was formed in 1968 with 4 members that are John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant. After only about 10 years of being born, the band Led Zeppelin has won the love of a large number of young audiences, not only in the UK but also throughout Europe. Therefore, Led Zeppelin font is used on the band’s logo also received the attention of the designers.

With Led Zeppelin font, actually, this is not its original name, the Led Zeppelin font was originally named Kashmir font, and it was designed meticulously and with much passion of the designer through intelligence and talented named Altsys Metamorphosis. And until 2 years later the Kashmir font has achieved a lot of great success, especially since it was used to design the logo of Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin font has very personality features with a unique style that gives a unique charm to your favorite designs. It features Truetype format with nearly 200 characters along with punctuation marks, numerals, unique glyphs, swashes.

Using this Led Zeppelin font

Led Zeppelin font can be used for many favorite design purposes. Such as game development, birthday cards, brandings & logos, movie posters, emblems, banner ads, designing a poster, books covers, official cards, and much more.

Led Zeppelin logo font

Led Zeppelin font free

Led Zeppelin font

Here at Fontspace.io, we are providing this Led Zeppelin font and the whole Display font family for free and you can download it for free. So click on the download button and keep it on your device. Add this font to your most creative design ideas, the professional, or premium design projects, and notice how it makes them become a stand out product!

Download Led Zeppelin font FREE

Make sure to use it just for your personal use. This font is FREE for personal use.

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