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Merriweather Sans Serif Font Free

by Fontspace

A new Sans Serif typeface, Merriweather font. This font was created for a new text face with a pleasant look when is read. This font features a large x height along with slightly condensed letterforms with a mild diagonal stress and sturdy serifs.

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With the Sans version of Merriweather typeface. Merriweather Sans is an elegant and clean typeface. This Sans serif font is a versatile font family created for strong, classic branding.

Merriweather Sans Serif Font

Merriweather Sans Serif Font Free download

LumosLatino Font


Merriweather Serif Font Free

LumosLatino Font

Proudly presents our latest updated “Merriweathere Font Family”! both of these fonts consist of 2 different styles “Serif and Sans”. These lovely fonts would be perfect to combine in your design with vintage style. The fonts are great for product logo, wedding card logo, clothing brand logo, body or headlines of your design, Vintage design, and more.

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