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Metallica font looks quite fancy and special to many people, especially those of the younger generation like today. In fact, parents, or friends of the 7x, 8x generation, will probably be more familiar with what they see from the Metallica logo. So, to learn more about the Metallica font, we will have to know how Metallica was born and developed. Just like Rwby font, this font shows off weird lines and adds a lot of personality to your favorite designs.

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Metallica is an American band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981. This band has full of members who play different instruments. Among them is talented drummer Lars Ulrich, rhythm guitarist James Hetfeild, bass guitarist Robert Trujillo, and guitarist Kirk Hammett. According to statistics from the American Music and Cultural Association, Metallica has now sold more than 100 million CDs and DVDs of all kinds worldwide. Especially since its inception, Metallica band has won a total of 9 Grammy Awards.

This is a logo font with many ingenious and sophisticated strokes. Combined with your creative will create individual personalities for each design product in the future.

Metallica Display Font

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Metallica font has distinctive features that exude strength and mystery. The font which is designed for Metallica logo fancy font has many elements of power and shows the strength of its designer. The first time I saw the Metallica font appear in Master of Puppets Album was in 1986. The Metallica logo appears in the center of this Album and it creates a strange attraction for viewers and customers.

As many other Punk fonts or Black Metal fonts, Metallica font is designed for this album’s logo is the Pastor of Muppets font that was created and developed by designer Ray Larbie. When inserted into the text, the first and last letters are lengthened and sharpened, while the remaining characters inside are left in a solid form.

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Using this Metallica font

With Metallica font, the designer has specially designed it for the music band logo and game title. But in the current situation, you can also utilize this fancy font for various designs like kids bags, stickers, tattoos, special quotes, movie posters, stickers, t-shirt printing, logos, stationery, sports, and much more.

Metallica font

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Font Information

* Upper & lower case letters, marks and ligatures
* Advanced OpenType features
* Extensive language support
* Otf, Ttf, Woff & Eot formats

  • Punk rock fonts

Multilingual Supported: Multi-languages support

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