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Neutraface font FREE download

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Neutraface font is a great sans serif typeface which was designed and published by Christian Schwartz in 2002. It’s used popularly in Wendy’s Fast Food chain. This geometric sans serif font consists of incredible legible characters displaying awesome readability. Since its publishing, this luxury font got too much popularity in no time.

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Neutraface font has a personality, simple, and yet appealing. The open apertures and its low contrast strokes manage to express a straightforward tone resulting in a friendly modernist typeface.

Neutraface Sans Serif font

Neutraface font

All the weight of this font possesses owns keen features and a great appealing format. Designer for this modern stylish font took keenly to care for making all the charters and glyphs looking highly legible and cool.

Neutraface font free

Download Neutraface font FREE

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