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Patagonia font

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Patagonia, Inc. is a clothing brand from the USA. This company was established in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard in California. Patagonia company made a revenue of about more than $209 million. So, this is a great business and its logo font also very appealing.

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Patagonia logo font is the Belwe Bold Font which was designed by Tilde in May 2008. And Due to its popularity, the demand for Patagonia font is on the peak. This font family was originally designed by Bitstream. Patagonia font helps to make your designs more classy and elegant.

The whole font family possesses 7 unique styles along with splendid marks including light, bold, condensed and others. The characters of Patagonia font have contains a few interesting features, like bold letters and fatty square corners.

You can apply this Patagonia font family for huge designing purposes. Such as designing a logo, posters, banner ads, business, invitation, wedding cards, brochure designs, creating books covers, printing objects, magazine covers, special events, and so on.

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Patagonia Serif font

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Patagonia font

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Patagonia font download

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