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Red Bull Logo font

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About Red Bull font, almost everyone in the world has heard of Red Bull. This is the name of a world-famous energy drink brand. First, Red Bull is originated in Thailand and it thrived with the original name of Krating Daeng. After that, it was gradually accepted in many countries around the world.

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After a period of strong development, Krating Daeng was acquired and restructured by an Austrian company, Red Bull GMBH. And the name Krating Daeng was officially erased and this drink has a new name, Red Bull as it is today.

As for the Red Bull logo, it can be seen that it shows very specific new features and very clear brand identity elements. Red Bull is clearly displayed in a high-quality font, making it easy to read from a distance or at a small font size. The Red Bull Logo font is very similar to the Futura font. This is a very popular font family, especially with commercial design products. The font which is used to design the Red Bull logo could be Futura SH-Dem Bol. In it, the designer made a very small adjustment to the stroke of the letters B and R.

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Red Bull Logo font

Red Bull Logo font free

Red Bull Logo font

This is a font with many ingenious and sophisticated strokes. Combined with your creative will create individual personalities for each design product in the future.

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