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String Beads font

by Fontspace

String Beads is a modern and powerful sans serif font with five gorgeous elegant weights (Regular, Thin, Black, Bold, And Light). String Beads font was designed and published by 177Studio and it was designed to give a strong and cool impact, without sacrificing legibility as well as style.

Using this String Beads font

String Beads font is an attractive and luxury Sans Serif typeface. You can use it in your various graphic and decorative products. String Beads font is casual and romantic. Ideal for card invitation, special events, home decor, blog design, boutique branding, museum, fashion promotional, woman magazine, branding, cool logos, elegant editorial designs, cosmetic brand, art gallery branding, historical of architectural, stationery design, modern advertising design, art quote, book/cover title, and other design projects.

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This is a font with many ingenious and sophisticated strokes. Combined with your creative will create individual personalities for each design product in the future.

String Beads Sans Serif font

String Beads font free download

String Beads font download

String Beads font free

String Beads font


* Upper & lower case letters, marks and ligatures
* Advanced OpenType features
* Extensive language support
* Otf, Ttf, Woff & Eot formats

Multilingual Supported: Multi-languages support

Most languages support: English, Aromanian, Aragonese, German, Greenlandic, French, Frisian, Indonesian, Latvian, Lojban, Megleno-Romanian, Nahuatl, Portuguese, Southern Ndebele, Tetum (Tetun), Spanish, Tongan (Faka-Tonga), Walloon, Xhosa, Zulu, etc.

Maybe this font you can find in many places. So, we welcome you to come to Fontspace.io and satisfy your design passion with thousands of regularly updated fonts here. With this String Beads font, you can download it to your device for free by simply clicking the DOWNLOAD button below.

The free version of this font is offered to you for FREE to use for personal purposes. Make sure you make the right use of this font.

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