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Super Mario font

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Another very famous video game from Nintendo technology firm that many of you probably know about. It’s not Smash Bros or Smash Bros. We want to mention Super Mario game, which is an extremely exciting adventure game for gamers. The game revolves around the exciting adventure of Mario character to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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If you have ever experienced this game, it is no stranger to its logo. With its distinctive personality, as well as many traits that attract curiosity from players as well as anyone when looking at its logo. So many people are going to be searching for this fancy font. That’s why I’m going to show you a font that seems to be used for the Super Mario logo.

If you look closely, you can see that the Super Mario font used for its logo is very similar to another fancy font, Chlorinap font. It’s also one of those free fonts that many designers are in favor of. With outstanding functions and very good support for popular software and applications.

With this Super Mario font, it is a gorgeous futuristic sci-fi typeface with a classic and vintage style. The theme style of Super Mario font will sci-fi, science, casual, future, business, technology.

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Super Mario font free

Super Mario font

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