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Tungsten font

by Fontspace

Tungsten font is a special fresh sans typeface. This font was designed and shared by Frere Jones and Hoefler along with eight unique styles are Light, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Black, Narrow Light, Narrow Medium, Narrow bold.

With different unique styles, the Tungsten font gives all your designs a distinct personality. There’s no need to describe much of your font’s outstanding features. Install it in your apps and experience this sans serif font for better clarity.

Because this is a popular Sans serif font, it also has the features of common sans fonts. The weight of the Tungsten font differs with each style. And of course, they will be appropriate for each type of design project you use.

You can use this Tungsten font for a variety of designs, if you design text content like text body, you can use lightweight. For headlines, titles, etc you can use heavier weights. With character spacing as well as different weights, you can make the designs the most perfect graphics.

This font is a beautiful informal contemporary sans type typeface with tons of alternates on every lowercase as well as uppercase letters.

Tungsten font is an ultimate base typeface for any personal as well as commercial design that needs a little more elegance. Tungsten in particular looks more interesting when used on large headlines and titles.

Besides, being suitable for most of the most popular and modern application environments will make this font more and more noticed by people. Especially for graphic designers all over the world. With its contemporary textures, harmonious typefaces, and multilingual support, the Tungsten font becomes the right design tool for many amateur and professional designers.

Tungsten Sans font

Tungsten font free

Tungsten font

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