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Hello Friends! Today we are introducing a branding font the Yeezy font. This great font is used on the Yeezy Supply shoe brand and published it for the first time in February 2015.

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Yeezy is a famous branding which was combined from 2 big names are Adidas sportswear from German and Kanye West from the USA. The font that is used for the logo of Yeezy is very similar to VCR OSD Mono font. It is designed and released by Mr. Riciery Leal in 2014. It will fit suitable for display and headlines purposes.

Yeezy Font

Yeezy Font

All of the letters have their own unique exclusive glimpses. This gorgeous geometric font has a harmonious, balanced look and made out of sharp lines and incomplete letters along with vast language support. The VCR OSD Mono font is a sans serif typeface, along with an extra-condensed and unicase style. It gives a sense of standardization and rational feeling.

Yeezy Font free

Download Yeezy Font FREE

Yeezy font is a popular remarkable geometric typeface. It has precise and high-grade legibility feel for every design project. Although, there are lots of fonts focusing on similar principles. However, this font has simplicity with a subtle friendliness. It was specifically designed for short texts, monograms, logotypes, great for titles, display use, and more.

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